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Soon to be released is our Arrecife Collection which includes a range of sunglasses! Even with amazing PiuAmore swimwear you still need accessories to make you stand out from everyone else and our sunglasses will make sure that happens. Simplicity promotes relaxation and confidence so our sunglasses exhibit clean lines and designs. The sunglasses come in three designs so there is one to suit your own style. These will be released, along with the rest of our Arrecife Collection, in time for summer.

Part of our destination checklist.

The Hidden Beach: ‘Beach of Love’


With crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, the origins of this idyllic paradise comes as a surprise – it is in fact the world’s most picturesque bomb site.This secluded strip of sand is believed to have formed decades ago when it was used as target practice by the Mexican Government in the early 1900s.And now the Hidden Beach, officially called Playa De Amor, or the ‘Beach of Love’, has shot to fame after gaining a huge following across social media.

To reach the secluded marvel, visitors have to swim through a short tunnel which opens up into the spectacular beach, which is surrounded by rare wildlife.But where you might expect to find ruins and devastation, here there is a sensational, deserted beach on the Marieta Islands in Puerto Vallarta.

The perfect setting to wear your new swimwear!

The Holographic Trend!

The holographic trend will soon be seen everywhere since it was made popular in the Spring/Summer 2013 women’s collections around the world. It is definitely something to look forward to and a great way to pay tribute to the 70’s. Holographic textures have been used by fashion design royalty and featured in shows by Burberry, Stella McCartney and Blumarine. We always found holograms mesmerising so the combination of hologram and clothes, accessories and all fashion is like a match made in heaven! This trend is so unique from anything we have seen and the big question is: how long will it stay around? We, however, cannot wait to team our swimwear with some of the amazing holographic accessories! Here are some of our favourite pieces, what do you think?

Hologram1 hologram2 hologram3 hologram4 holographic-bag

Haena Beach, Hawaii


We would love to escape here! The beautiful Haena Beach is located on Kauai Island, Hawaii where lush tropical jungle meets white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Haena Beach offers amazing swimming and snorkeling and is the perfect place to do a bit of beach-combing and shell collecting. During the winter months this beach transforms into a surfing paradise where many athletes go to ride the awe inspiring giant waves. They have a lifeguard station, restrooms, showers and campsites so it’s the perfect place to spend the day and even the night!

Piuamore has arrived in NZ

Piú Amore, the Colombian swimwear brand whose home is the entire world, traversing it and bringing it together in all its beauty: the sand and the sea, the green of its mountains, its great cities and the many colors offered by nature. As in a travel diary, its impressions come together to cover bodies, creating luxury garments that not only highlight the female figure, but which send a message of diversity, with the conviction that beauty can always be found in every body and every silhouette.

Piú Amore means “More love” which is the brand’s desire for all women, and this in turn means more comfort, more security, more spirit and more beauty.

These words have transcended and have become a philosophy for the Brand and its Creative Director, Maria Alejandra Jaramillo.

Piú Amore is color and geometry that come together to create pieces imagined for real women, with designs borne out of the touch memory that comes from spaces and experiences. A compilation of styles and personalities, that bring together romanticism and the charms of simplicity; sensuality expressed by expanses of exposed skin and the playful innocence of colors that blend together, creating fantastic images with optical effects, to create garments that in their length and breadth and transforming styles, offer a full and unique palette for every woman in the world.